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How to profit from Wi-Fi and get Bitcoins? | MuCi

Bitcoins for just sharing Wi-Fi? One startup, BitMesh, is the new online platform that allow regular people exchange and share internet connection from their devices and pay the amount equal to volume that was really spent. Bottom line, the idea is to distribute Wi-Fi in public places to people in need, using Blockchain infrastructure, so you can have back the data spent on your phone but in some Bitcoin amounts.

There are no third parties involved, no contracts, users can negotiate and agree about the Internet price, one of the main points that it is easy, and cheap. Current moment, BitMesh is under development as part of the startup incubator Boost VC project. They have already presented prototypes of their projects to investors and other participants of the discussion. With the help of Boost Venture Capital, company is presented to the A list of investors in Silicon Valley, and will be able to attempt couple rounds of fund raise, that will obviously favor faster development of the network project.

The BitMesh team of programmers has already developed a working prototype. BitMesh idea that everyone can install certain type of Internet-gateway in public places, for example, based on Raspberry Pi, set your price list and offer people access to the Internet via Wi-Fi. People will be able to connect couple of clients at once. As with other platforms, such as Bitcoin JoyStream, which allows users in not significant amount of Bitcoin get small pleasurable services, such as downloading a torrent file, BitMesh network also use micropayments in Bitcoin for their server and clients. Due to the fact that it will be so easy, that even pupils will be able to participate in BitMesh, the team beleives that soon these access points will be very popular and market will be liberalized. They forecast that a large number of proposals would allow prices to fall down for the access to the network and customers will be free to choose on the basis of price / performance by means of special services, which will certainly around
this technology.

A little bit more explanation how it will be working. Micropayment, same as micro channel protocol will allow two participants of a deal supply the service and pay for the service in real time.  Payment in this case will be delayed until the end of the consumption of the service or the occurrence of a timeout. Protocol is comfortable to use, because the parties can create and recreate a period of time of the payment transaction and for a long time not "let it go" into the Blockchain, thus saving on commission. The introduction of micro payments technology in the Bitcoin allows users to make advance payments for the bandwidth they would like to use.

After BitMesh has started, it will create a friendly environment for those who hope to share more of their capacity and get paid for it. It will also help people without mobile internet or with expensive internet data, instantly connect to the Internet.  This feature would be tremendously helpful while travelling or if you use USA phone providers, who cut Hotspot option from Apple phones if you have unlimited data. If you travel, and there is an urgent need to check, let’s say emails, but all wi-fi spots protected with password, using the network person can find the person who can share phone internet and ready to be paid negotiated price in BTC. Plus, other similar platforms with payment systems are much slower and have higher commissions, while BitMesh system will make you get your BTC immediately.

In addition to the liberalization of access to the Internet, mesh-network can also be used to bypass a variety of blockings, for example during political meetings. BitMesh sounds pretty tempting and useful. So far, BitMesh project is in the concept stage. 

via twitter.com/Bitteaser

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